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I'm learning not to be casual about promising work for friends and family. One of my oldest buddies commissioned me to paint his son three and a half years ago. I just finished it in February. The only problem is that it was for his wife's Christmas present in 2009. I was somehow under the delusion that I would be able to work, finish my degree at Emily Carr and complete this painting...evidently not. Fortunately my friend is patient - really patient.




OK, full disclosure - I'm a Titanic freak. The anniversary is coming-up (again vs. still) in April. I had this model when I was 12 but was too impatient to finish it properly. Since last year was the 100th anniversary of the sinking I thought I would build it again. In the process lots of art ideas came to mind. Stay tuned - I'm working on them.




Daughter Chloe's art work and an interview was featured on the British Columbia: The Last Place on Earth website in March following a Fall student show at Van Dusen Gardens.


Check it out here